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About us

Our story

Bottled drinking water is 100% locally produced from bottling to packaging using renewable materials.

We started from nature with the aim of providing exceptional solutions that provide sustainable options for the environment that achieve efficiency and support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 with its orientation to protect the environment and nature. We seek to leave our mark in the social impact and the environmental awareness industry.


Not just a carton!

We realize that the way to a better lifestyle starts from preserving the resources of the environment in which we live and providing the best products to decision makers in environmental awareness.


Our vision

To make a quantum leap in our cultural and health habits


Our mission

  • Production of environmentally friendly packaging
  • Provide solutions for daily products
  • Sustainability of environmental resources
  • Enabling the use and recycling of spent products


rate us

  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Regeneration
  • sustainability
  • availability
  • Recycling
  • the quality


What sets us apart

We have advanced in the industry

We keep pace with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by contributing to achieving environmental awareness of sustainable resources


From a natural and local source

We were born in Saudi Arabia, and water bottles are produced on its territory from filling to packaging


renewable resources

Our packaging is made from renewable trees


  We created a sustainable lifestyle

We keep our products efficient, each package contributes to an 80% reduction in global warming and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, a lower carbon footprint and a higher impact on our environment.



Recycling plays a role in protecting the environment and maintaining its balance. We contribute to the recycling of paper made from trees. We plant three trees for every tree that is cut down.